petanca1Petanca is a game enjoyed by many people around the world. From its origins in France it has spread across the globe. The game has a wonderful simplicity about it. It can be played almost anywhere, by people of any age, where there is enough space and on almost any terrain. Equally, like most beautiful games, the simplicity of it masks a complexity that soon becomes addictive.

Petanca is played as a singles game or doubles with each player using three boules. Triples, is played with each player using only two boules. The object is simple: make sure your team’s boule is nearest the jack at the finish of each end; score one point for each of your team’s boule nearer than the opposition and be the first team to score thirteen points.

Here in Cabrera we have created full size international competition pistes or courts, positioned right in the heart of The Village just behind Los Pastores restaurant opposite the new town houses.

The club meets every Wednesday at 11.00, so if you like to try something new, meet new people and enjoy the hospitality of the local restaurants and bars after the game, come and join us, a warm welcome is ensured.