Mandála Mojácar

Mandála takes over the best traditions of the Clubs Miami Beach under an impressive Asian aesthetic. Open from midday. Mandala offers all customers a relaxed seaside atmosphere until 17:00h. From that time Mandála reinvents itself as a House Beach Nightclub raising the temperature of the hand of our DJ’s at all times to maintain the highest level of services as well as facilities until 06:00 every day.

Lua Mojácar

The nightlife of Mojacar Lua is a benchmark of progress in the Costa Almeria and the summer nights in the province.

Lua Mojacar is Ten years old. Lua was the first drinking establishment of the Bernabé family which was to be followed by two more. The Lua “Style” marks difference and immediately begins to become one of the best options for fun at night.

Everyone is invited to attend the extravagant and diverse Weekend Theme party nights which are always full of surprises.

MOMA Beach Mojácar

MOMA Mojácar Beach is the latest of the Grupo Lua’s acquisitions.

Situated in the Paseo Marítimo de Mojácar this is the premium venue to enjoy the night. Aimed primarily at the younger nocturnal partiers. This is perfect location for you party away all night. Once again the Lua “Style” character is written all over this club & you will feel the Spanish party atmosphere the second you walk in.


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